Like the title of the post says, this is a freewrite. So, post a poem, rant, a free association of words and phrases, a paragraph– any form of writing you feel comfortable with. The only requirement is that you try to answer the question, “What is a hero?”

Before you begin writing, consider the following:

What actions are considered heroic? What are the character traits of heroes? What are the risks of heroism? How do heroes approach challenges? Do heroes have flaws?


In the “Blogroll” to the right, read the article “Heroes of the New Millenium,” then respond to the following questions in a MS Word document.

  • Pick one of the people discussed in the article and in your own writing describe what makes this person heroic?
  • What heroic character traits does this person have?
  • How does this “real life” hero match the hero archetype we’ve been studying in class?  

When you are finished responding to the questions, be sure to run spell-check and grammar-check on your writing. After editing, copy and paste your writing on to the blog via the comments button below.

  • Read the responses of your peers then post comments and questions to them. Engage them in discussion through the comments section of the blog. Challenge their opinions. You must post a minimum of three times in this online discussion

Special Birth

In the hero archetype we’ve been learning about in class, the hero usually has a special birth. Remember Paikea in the movie “Whale Rider,” and how her mother and twin brother died during her birth? This is a perect example of a special circumstance that connects the hero’s birth to her future path and challenges.

In this assignment you will write your hero’s special birth story.

The details and requirements for this assignment are posted to the right, under “Pages.” Click on “Special Birth Story Assignment” for all of the details.

When you are finished writing and editing, post your hero’s special birth story here. Click on the comments section below, copy your hero’s special birth story from Microsoft Word and paste it into the text box. When you have finished, hit publish then check the blog to make sure your writing was posted.

When you have finished publishing your own writing, comment on the writing of two of your peers as we outlined in class.